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Join our vibrant community for a day of self-care and renewal.  Leave with feel good tingles and new tools to take on the world!

There will be free workshops, yoga, meditation, life coaching, camaraderie, food trucks, music and bonding.

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SHFT is an L.A.-based wellness community that focuses on love, meaning, and connection to others. We believe that humans are tribal creatures and you are not meant to do life alone.  The SHFT tribe provides coaching, community and support for through all of life's hurdles.

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the catalyst coaching intensive

SHFT's signature 16-week online immersive life coach training program. But it’s really just the beginning. Your story was meant to help others and it’s time to learn how.




1615 16th St. 

Santa Monica, CA 90404


There is limited paid street parking, so plan to carpool, 
take Uber or Lyft or arrive early!

10:00 AM

Doors open! 

Sign in, mingle, explore vendors, play vendor bingo! 

10:45 AM

Welcome to AWAKE 


11:00 AM

SHFT Workshops - SESSION #1*

Free 20 Minute Coaching Sessions Begin (available until 4:00 PM)

Joy Meditation Sponsored by The DEN 

12:00 PM

Raffle Prizes

Announce vendor bingo raffle winners! 

12:30 PM

SHFT Workshops - SESSION #2*

Enjoy a 1 hr workshop by a SHFT Catalyst Coach! 

12:45 PM

1:45 PM

Loving Kindness Meditation  by The DEN 

Essential Oils Class by DoTerra

Flow Yoga  by Yogaworks

2:45 PM

SHFT Workshops - SESSION #3*

Enjoy a 1 hr workshop by a SHFT Catalyst Coach!


Make sure to RSVP above to get more details as we release them. All events are FREE! 

*shft workshops

SESSION #1 (11:00 AM)

Attracting vs. Chasing led by John Kim 

Focus on improving over wanting in order to raise your frequency and attract who and what you are meant to receive.

Coping with Anxiety led by Elizabeth Olson 

Change your thoughts, change your behavior.

Surviving the Quarter Life Crisis led by Aileen Uy 

Manage the expectation hangovers and feelings of lack during your mid-20s to late-30s.

Location: PLATO

Location: SOCRATES

Location: EINSTEIN

Energy, Manifestation and You led by Charlene Corpus 

A practical guide to understanding energy, the process of manifestation, and how your energetic system impacts your life. 

Making Friends with Fear led by Kelly Lynch 

Empower yourself to develop your authenticity and redefine your relationship with fear. 

YOU MATTER...Find Yourself led by Pam Davis 

The What, Why and How of Self-Love.

Location: EINSTEIN

Location: SOCRATES

Location: PLATO

SESSION #2 (12:45 PM)

Astrology: Understanding Energy Around You led by Mildred Murillo 

Unlock the connection between the evolutionary tool of Astrology and the evolution of Self.

Love: The Kiss of the Porcupine led by Lindsay Burke 

Build a solid foundation in your relationships so that you and your partner can endure the hard times.

Unlock Your Health + Fitness Potential led by Stephanie Zoccatelli 

The power of why, how to set goals that stick, and troubleshoot what is holding you back from reaching them.

Location: SOCRATES

Location: PLATO

Location: EINSTEIN

SESSION #3 (2:45 PM)

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Connect with our vibrant community in person to gain support on your journey.

upcoming events

IGNITE: Los Angeles, CA

August 2018

More info soon!

past events

AWAKE: Los Angeles, CA

July 2017

AWAKE: Los Angeles, CA

August 2016

IGNITE: Asheville, NC

April 2018

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