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Your story was meant to help others.




The Answers Are In Us

Our preconceived notions of happiness and life are false and damaging. We have been lied to. The way we eat, love, play, exercise, and work are non-refundable products we purchased before we could drive. The truth: Bodies can be transformed. 

Hearts can heal. Depression can be overcome. Relationships can be healthy. But the answers are not in you.  They never were.  And that’s the greatest misconception of self-help, that we must do it alone.  The answers are in us.

No Bullshit Approach

The Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive, presented by SHFT, combines a no-bullshit approach with a unique blend of adaptive therapeutic training and modern day life coaching concepts and techniques. We certify coaches in our own method of coaching, and give them the necessary training to work as leaders on our proprietary coaching platform, with the goal of building a vibrant, thriving coaching practice.

SHFT Catalyst coaches are leading a revolution. Our battlecry is community and rebuilding ourselves through others. We believe in the power of your story. We believe in transparency. This isn’t just a life coaching course. It’s a life changing course. We build real relationships with our community and with each other. We build real relationships with our clients and with each other.  

A Revolution


Our Spring Catalyst Intensive begins June 4th, 2017, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Begin 2017 with a renewed understanding of your goals, and a fresh slate to build your coaching practice.


We believe firmly that every individual has a powerful story that can positively impact the lives of others. This course is the beginning of a total life transformation that will help you develop your authentic voice, uncover your niche and launch your own unique practice.







The Four Signs You’re Ready to Be a Coach

You’ve always felt a strong pull to make a difference in the world by helping others

People always come to you for help and advice; you’re already coaching your friends or family

You’re looking to expand your current skillset, whether it’s in your personal life, therapeutic practice or business

You’re ready to join a revolutionary community and become a part of something bigger than yourself

The Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive provides an introductory primer on the world of coaching, and the initial 16-week online intensive course is only the beginning. In those 16 weeks, you will: 

- Learn the basics on how to work with people 
- Gain a starter toolkit and personal branding to get your business up and running 
- Receive ongoing support and coaching opportunities 

I felt the support from the first week. I have never looked back. I found my niche, I started practicing with clients and little by little I came to see myself as a coach and others did too.

When you leave the Catalyst Course, it's not just a virtual handshake and a certificate, it is the beginning of a journey. The community is alive and spilling with resources and support.


If you are already a coach and are looking for some new material and methods, take it. If you are thinking about becoming a coach and want to know where to start, take it. Bottom line, take it.

Graduate Testimonials

MC Mcdonald 

Pam Davis

Caitlin Boyle

We cover everything from the art of questioning, coaching presence, ethics, personal boundary setting, to a person centered approach. Learn how to implement structure into your sessions through the delicate art of leadership, and how to hold your clients accountable while providing encouragement and inspiration

Fundamentals of Coaching

We cover a wide range of topics, such as appreciative coaching, purpose and meaning, trauma, positive psychology, solution-focused coaching, boundary setting, relationships and more. You’ll practice the tools and methods you learn via two weeks of Peer Coaching sessions, with guidance and feedback from your instructors and experienced coaches.

Proven Coaching Techniques

The basis of any successful business is understanding your target market and reaching them effectively. Linzi Hawkin, our London-based branding expert, will guide you through the work of discovering your niche and developing your brand as your share your story with others.

Niche and Expertise Evolution

We know how difficult it can be to start a practice from scratch, and we believe wholeheartedly in the power of social media and connectivity in reaching people. We will assist you in developing your writing, publish your work on the SHFT blog, and give plenty of opportunities to build a following via the SHFT social pages. 


Develop Your Business

We believe in the power of your story, and that your experiences can help change the lives of others. Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the power of your own unique journey as your own personal development flourishes.

Personal Growth




We provide all of our Catalyst Coaching Intensive graduates with training, opportunities to earn income via the SHFT platform and ongoing skill building, support and education. 


Begin to practice as a coach with plenty of support and feedback. Train in your specialty and develop a following before graduation.



SHFT Office Hours with instructors and other Catalysts. 24/7 access to valuable instructor resources and workbooks. Personalized mentorship from experienced coaches, and more.




Access to coaches in the Catalyst Intensive network with a wide range of specialties. Participate in live SHFT wellness events with Catalyst-led workshops.



Through our unique presentations and informative and interactive online sessions, we give students a thorough understanding of the coaching spectrum. We use many forms of learning to optimize the education process, including videos, writing, workbooks, group work, and coaching simulations. 



Live Weekly Sessions

You’ll participate in weekly, live, virtual class sessions with your cohort, where you will gain a strong foundation for entering the exciting world of coaching. 


Access to Experts

Our experienced instructors tune in from all over the world to teach and are available post-class on an on-going basis to answer questions and provide additional insight.

Experiential Learning

You’ll gain experience and begin to understand the power of change within a supportive community as you practice your skills via Peer Coaching and assist seasoned Tribe Leaders virtually via the SHFT platform.


Private Forums

You have access to a private Facebook group where students and graduates come together online to workshop and stimulate growth.

Cohort Tribe

Your cohort will be placed in an exclusive weekly discussion Tribe on the SHFT platform to help you dive deeper on important class topics.

One-to-One Mentorship

Outside experts, SHFT coaches and Catalyst graduates are here for you as you learn and grow your practice.



You will be given the opportunity to become a supervised SHFT Tribe leader. Leading Tribes is a great way to gain coaching experience and build a client base within your niche.


Mastermind Groups

Branding and niche development, setting up your coaching practice and attracting clients. Come together with graduates to share tips, create personal traction and brainstorm solutions.


The SHFT blog has a large following that is growing every day, and we will work with you to uncover your unique voice, and will train you in our signature blog writing course, edit, publish and promote your work.

Press Leads

Our Catalysts have been published in countless outlets, and we will help you get your name out there by providing you with press leads and unique writing opportunities.


You will receive training on how to conduct LIVE sessions and participate in our SHFT Facebook groups, interacting with potential clients and SHFT users.

Catalyst Profiles

We will introduce you to our community and celebrate you as a coach, with a stand alone website page where clients can book sessions with you.  

The Catalyst Coaching Intensive is one of the few coaching training programs that allows you to tap into the power of your story. Imagine reframing your pain and your suffering to move you forward both personally and professionally while inspiring others to take action in their lives. this is the power of the Catalyst Intensive.  


Jackie Kibler - Instructor



All Catalyst Coaches have the unique opportunity to take part in SHFT. SHFT is a community and wellness-based coaching platform that is changing the way we change. Kindness is our currency and we want you to help build the kind of company you want to be a part of. 


SHFT Tribes

Tribes are short form, intensive, online support groups, focused on a single topic and led virtually by a Catalyst Coach. Tribes are a new and exciting form of group coaching and you will learn all about the tribes and their function in class. Catalysts are invited to participate as assistants while students and are given the opportunity to lead Tribes after graduation and begin earning income.

Immersive Group Coaching

Catalysts are invited to use the exclusive SHFT platform to conduct their practice, utilizing the Tribe format for ongoing and deeper group work with clients.


The SHFT blog has a large following that is growing every day. It houses content created by Catalysts and is a fantastic and proven method for establishing niche expertise and building a following.


Facebook Groups

Catalysts and SHFTers interact in one large, flourishing community in our private Facebook group. We have created a positive, safe environment for anyone to share their thoughts and experiences and help each other grow along the way. Catalysts also share their expertise and gain a following via Facebook LIVES.


Live Events

We are also passionate about crossing the virtual threshold into real life. We regularly host live wellness pop-ups filled with Catalyst-led workshops, yoga, meditation and more.


Our Spring Catalyst Intensive begins June 4th, 2017, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. 

Our instructors are master’s and PhD-level coaches, with tens of thousands of hours of coaching and decades of experience.



MC is a philosophy professor based in Massachusetts. Her research examines trauma from the perspectives of phenomenology, psychology and neuroscience in order to better understand and treat it. She has spent the last few years developing unique methods that blend these three perspectives together and using them to help people adapt to their traumatic pasts and live into the happy and fulfilling lives that they ache for.



Chad Cryder is a relationship coach, writer, and PhD student. He specializes in human relationships – not only relationships with other people, but also the relationship with the self. His approach is grounded in human strengths, spirituality, and evolutionary psychology. For the past several years, he has coached people all over the world to use their own struggle and experiences to fertilize growth, love, and happiness with life.


Linzi Wilson is a brand clarity coach, as well as a surf & SUP coach, a yoga junkie, and runs a location-independent business that enables her to say yes to adventures! For the last several years her focus has been on teaching startups & entrepreneurs how to build epic brands based on authenticity.





We encourage you to bring your hopes, dreams and questions. We often have surprise guests and cover many different topics related to coaching, including: 


- Why You Don't Have to go to Therapy School.

- How The World of Self-Help is Changing.

- What is Coaching and Why it is the Next Frontier of Human Development.

- Tips on Building a Social Media Following.

- A Step by Step Process on How to Be a Life Coach in Today's World.


You’ll also receive our 2017 Coaching Outlook Report PDF!


The 4 Step Process for Creating an In-Demand Business and Discovering Your Niche as a Life Coach


What is coaching? Why coaching?

Life coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that moves the client forward to become the best version of him or herself through the application of motivation, accountability, planning, troubleshooting and support


Where does the Intensive take place?

Everything is done online from the comfort of your own home or on the go.


When is a good time to do the class?

There is no perfect time to embark on this journey


How will I find clients?

Clients are everywhere! By joining our organization you will gain access to thousands of potential clients in the Shft Facebook communities and on the Tribe platform.


How do the classes work?

Our online classes work similar to a Google Hangout where you can see and talk to everybody in the class. If you miss a session we will send you the recording.


Can I take the course again?

Our alumni are welcome to retake sections of the class as many times as they like, so if you miss a section… take it again!


What can I expect to accomplish by the end of this course?

You will graduate the Catalyst Intensive with coaching competency, confidence, and a road map to build your of a practice. You will also have the opportunity to join our growing platform and write, teach, and coach as part of the Catalyst Coaching Collective.


What are my financing options for the intensive?

We have multiple payment plan options to assist those in varying financial situations. Please contact for more information.


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16 Weeks Core Training

Spring Catalyst Intensive begins June 4th, 2017, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks. Gain a renewed understanding of your goals, and a fresh slate to build your coaching practice.

Our Spring Catalyst Intensive begins June 4th, 2017, and runs for 16 consecutive weeks.





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